Backyard shed construction is in! If you want to add an affordable living space to your home consider adding a modern shed. It drives up the value of the property and you will be happy with the additional dimension it adds to your home. As of late, many of our customers have requested studio like shed additions to their homes. We love building these little units. We customize it and build it from scratch. That means we start with the structure and framing, then move to window installations, roofing installation, flooring, electrical wiring, and finally the aesthetics like drywall and painting. Although sheds are generally small spaces, they have a lot of room to be creative.

Sheds are very flexible when it comes to backyard space. They are great avenues for extending your home at low costs. Think of it as a sanctuary for your backyard. Customers use sheds many different ways. Whether its a room, an office, a game room, or a studio, you'll be thrilled with the end result of our custom sheds. We build the shed from top to bottom with quality materials and work. Call us to inquire more about creating your own custom shed.