Compared to a brand new bathroom or a kitchen remodel, installing solar power panels on the roof is about as exciting as insulating the loft. Like adding insulating material, going solar may be a home improvement that keeps on giving perhaps paying for itself and after that some. If a solar energy system is practical for you, it's an excellent time to take a look at your choices. Most people are already likely to think of solar energy as a sound idea: Capture plentiful and free sun and turn it into energy. For a while, solar energy was just too costly for most home owners.

The price of solar power panels and systems has dropped significantly. The US federal residential renewable tax credit which expires towards the end of 2019 cuts the cost of solar energy systems by 30%, and state and local incentives also further reduce the cost. If you save $1,500 a year on your electricity bill with solar, it is going to buy itself in a decade or less. More funding alternatives means solar is less expensive and more affordable for far more homeowners. With new leasing plans and solar loans, you don't need to have thousand of dollars in cash upfront to go solar. 

Again, the 30% federal tax incentive for solar installation is ending towards the end of 2019. That is another $6,000 or so reason why it is worth considering solar now as opposed to putting it on your future to do list. You're better off taking the time now to decide on whether to spend money on solar energy, find and choose the solar contractor to go with, and get the system installed. In many cases, solar energy could completely eliminate your electricity bill entirely, and other times the solar power panels only will cut your utility bill by between ten percent and 50%. So why wait?

The amount of cash you can save by leveraging the power of the sun depends upon where you reside, your current energy utilization, how you finance the system, and just how long you plan on staying at your residence. If going solar sounds like it might be something worth considering, our team at Remodeling Contractors is available to consult with you and help provide all the details you'll need to determine wheter it will or will not ultimately pay off.

Dec 7, 2017 By admin